DIY Floral Arrangement Steps

1. Fill your mason jar with water

Fill your mason jar halfway with room temperature water.

2. Select your flowers, fillers, and greens

Select flowers, fillers, and greens.

  • Focal Flowers: The main, attention-grabbing flowers in an arrangement.
  • Secondary Flowers: Smaller flowers that complement the focal flowers.
  • Fillers: Smaller flowers or greenery used to fill gaps and add texture.
  • Greens/Greenery: Leaves and stems used to create a base and add fullness.

Hint: Choose a variety of flowers with different shapes, sizes, and colors.

3. Trim the stems

  • Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline to prevent rot.
  • Trim the stems at a 45 degree angle to allow better water absorption. Aim for different lengths to create depth and dimension in your arrangement.

4. Create a base

  • Start with the greenery to form a base structure. This helps to support the flowers and gives a fuller look.
  • Pro tip: Use the stems of the greenery to create an inverted triangular shape.

5. Add focal flowers

Choose the flowers that you want to be your focal points and place them in your arrangement.

5. Fill with secondary flowers

Add smaller or secondary flowers around the focal flowers. These should complement the focal flowers and fill in gaps.

6. Add texture and fillers

Use filler flowers and greenery to add texture and fill any remaining gaps. Ensure they blend well with the main flowers without overpowering them.

7. Adjust and finish

Step back and view your arrangement from different angles. Make adjustments as needed.

Care Instructions

  • Change the water every couple of days to avoid bacteria growth.
  • Trim the stems every few days for better water absorption.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from fruit (fruit gives off gases that can make flowers wilt faster).