About Us

Hone co-founders Jacqueline and Jennifer

Our Story

Hi, we are Jacqueline and Jen. We founded Hone in 2023 to change the perception of DIY home projects and to empower people to hone new skills.

It's not easy to navigate the world of DIY-ing. As new homeowners, both of us have spent hours reading blogs and watching how-to videos, trying to piece together the right instructions to complete a project.

When we put our heads (and hands) to work one weekend to build our first accent wall, we noticed all the steps we could improve and mistakes we could have avoided... that's when we created Hone.

Bedroom with colourful rug and dark accent wall and wall art

Our Mission

We exist to empower people to hone new skills while they bring their home transformations to life.

We're here to save you from going down the same Google black hole we did, and to arm you with the instructions, tools, and everything else you need to confidently start and finish a DIY home project on your own.

Nailing wood slats to wall for DIY accent wall

Our Vision

At Hone, we create beginner-friendly products that make DIY home projects achievable for everyone.

Most things are harder than they seem until we actually try them. Through our DIY home project guides, creative content, curated product selection, and DIY project kits (coming soon!), we provide our community with the tools to create wow-moments in their home, that they can proudly say they made themselves.