Home decor trends we're watching in 2024

Home decor trends we're watching in 2024

As we bid farewell to the trends of 2023, we welcome the bold and eccentric vibes that 2024 has in store for our living spaces. Last year, plaster reclaimed its throne, statement rugs, walls, and colours decorated our empty walls and floors, and rattan dining chairs became the staple in every friend's home. The 2024 design scene promises to be louder, quirkier, and, like every year, gives a nod to the past.

Remember, in the ever-evolving landscape of home decor, one rule remains – make your home your own. Let the trends inspire you, but let your personal style be the guiding force. As we delve into the trends of 2024, always remember: if you love it, it's the right thing for your space.

Room Divider

With roots tracing back to ancient China, the folding screen initially served as a functional barrier against drafts and a private dressing space for women. Even in those times, artists recognized the potential of these screens as a canvas for their masterpieces.

It’s the art meets practicality for us. Today's folding screens are versatile additions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Place them anywhere in a room, transforming them into captivating art pieces that not only elevate the decor but also serve a purpose. Alternatively, in today’s open-concept homes, these folding screens become practical room dividers, adding a touch of nostalgic charm while effectively delineating functional areas.

Wooden three panel room divider with large green plant to its leftThree panel room divider with sheer panels and clothes on a hanger behind it and a small plant to its leftvintage style bedroom with cabinet between two beds, two lamps, and a roomer divider against the wallRed metal room divider in industrial style room and red bike behind the divider

The Kitschen

If you’re like us, your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. It’s the place where delicious magic, laughter, and conversation happen at once. Sometimes our recipes get weird, so why shouldn’t our decor? Meet the kitschen. Definition: A kitschy kitchen, AKA a kitchen with decor that is eclectic, funky, and full of personality. 

To pull off the kitschen vibe without going overboard, focus on mixing and matching patterns and shades. Pair warm wood tones with cool pastels or go all-in with bright colours for a rainbow theme. Stepping into your kitschy kitchen should bring joy, not confusion. Let unconventional decor transform your cooking haven into a celebration of individuality and style.

Colourful kitchen with pink wooden chair at a dining tableColourful kitchen with bright green cabinets and wooden floorColourful kitchen with forest green cabinets and decorate plates on a shelf near the ceilingColourful kitchen with bright blue cabinets and small island with white cabinets and blue accents

Ranch House

Not just bull horns and cowhide, embrace a more refined ranch house style – think rustic chic and cowgirl glam. Originating from the American ranch house, known for its low-slung roof and open layout, this style has evolved. Today's ranch house incorporates modern, luxurious furnishings with wood accents, outdoor motifs, and earthy colors, seamlessly blending comfort and elegance.

Achieving this look doesn't require a major overhaul. Opt for paint colors like warm browns, calming greens, and sunny yellows to infuse the essence of the ranch house into your space. Consider adding Western-themed wallpaper to a bathroom or draping a warm blanket over the couch for a cozy touch.

And if Kirsten Dunst says yes, count us in.

Kirsten Dunst's Ranch style home with lots of earthy colours, a living room with couch and chairs and beam ceiling

Ranch style home with Western-style wallpaper, dark couch, and wood coffee table

Ranch style home with light beige colours including couch and shiplap walls, two indigenous art pieces

Ranch style home bathroom with tub and cowhide with window and shiplap walls

Wavy Scallops

Enter the “it” pattern of 2024 – wavy scalloped edges. This trend is chic and versatile, seamlessly integrating into both prominent furniture pieces and subtle decor items. Defined by its wave-like, curved shape, the pattern creates a fluid and whimsical atmosphere to any space.

Experiment with a lamp featuring scalloped edges or introducing a wavy bathroom rug. It thrives, perhaps even more so, in rooms dominated by straight lines and sharp edges, injecting a playful touch into the structured environment.

Pastel pink book shelf with a variety of items and scalloped edges

Bedroom with wide dresser and bed with rug with scalloped design

Kitchen with dark green bench and three chairs and two over hanging lamps with blue scalloped design

Light blue drawer in bathroom with scalloped bottom edge

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