Two images side by side. The left of a women in a tank top cutting wood with a miter saw. The right of an organized kitchen spice cabinet with DIY wood dividers.

Customer Love: Making DIY Projects More Accessible, Less Intimidating

Before making this drawer organizer, I had never used a saw. I wouldn’t describe myself as a DIY gal. I love getting crafty, but home projects that require a toolbox and a ton of video tutorials that make me pause and google what words mean, generally intimidate me.

I enjoy decluttering and the satisfying feeling of organizing, and had a few kitchen drawers full of random, sometimes-used things that needed a better system. So the Hone Drawer Organizer Project Kit seemed like a good DIY project to start.

The instructions were clear and were broken down into steps that took 50 minutes or less. It took the decisions out of it. Everything I needed including the tools were all in the kit. I knew the approximate time it would take, how it would work, and template examples of what a custom drawer organizer could look like. These kinds of decisions, like what material to get, where to buy it, what tools I need, etc., that prevent me from doing these kinds of projects in the first place... Hone takes the many decisions out of it so you can focus on actually building and creating something for your home.

All of this made building the drawer organizer accessible, rather than intimidating. I measured, experimented with the layout, and sawed the wood pieces to the right length and was happy with the result. My pantry drawer went from scattered and random, to organized and simple.


When so many home project channels are led by men, it’s refreshing to learn from Jen and Jacqueline through Hone, a women-owned business. (Trust me, when I searched on YouTube, “How to use a miter saw,” 14 out of the first 15 videos were by men.)

If you’re curious to explore DIY projects that feel satisfying when you’re done and you’re excited to text your fam and friends about them, Hone DIY kits may be just the right project for you.

- Erica Howes

This customer testimonial was edited for clarity and brevity.

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