7 Ways To Elevate Your Home On A Budget

7 Ways To Elevate Your Home On A Budget

You don't need a big budget to make your home look and feel expensive - just some DIY magic. Here are seven budget-friendly ways to elevate your home.

Update Your Hardware

Give your cabinets a facelift by swapping out old hardware with new, stylish knobs or handles. This change, which is easy to customize and install yourself, can instantly modernize your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, giving it a fresh and upscale look.

Choose Elevated Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in a room. Opt for statement lamps or fixtures that not only provide good lighting but also serve as decorative pieces. A well-placed lamp can add warmth and ambiance, making your living room feel more inviting and luxurious.

Organize and Declutter

A clutter-free space not only looks more elegant but also feels more relaxing. Take the time to declutter and organize your items. Invest in storage solutions that not only keep things out of sight but also add to the overall aesthetics of the room.

Pro tip: Hone’s DIY Drawer Organizer Project Kit helps you create your own custom organizers that fit your drawers and items just right.

Match Your Jars

Especially in the kitchen, where you (and your guests) spend the most time. Not only does it make finding ingredients easier, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor.

Create An Accent Wall

There’s probably a room in your home that you walk into every day and think, something’s missing. It’s probably an accent wall. Whether you choose to paint that blank wall in a bold colour, add wood panelling, or create a picture gallery wall, an accent wall adds depth and personality to your space.

Upscale White

Colour is in, but white never goes out of style. Consider painting walls, ceilings, and trim in crisp white, or choose white and neutral bedding. White reflects light, making rooms appear larger and more airy.

Make It Smell Good

Last but not least, don't underestimate the power of a good scent. Invest in high-quality candles, diffusers, or room sprays with luxurious fragrances. A good scent can create a welcoming atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your guests, and make your space that much nicer to come home to. 

Happy decorating!

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