Wooden kitchen drawer organizer with dark utensils and white marble counter top

How To Organize Your Drawer Dividers

Do you ever find yourself struggling to fit all your items into a drawer, only to end up with a jumbled mess? Because, same. With our new Drawer Organizer Project Kit, you can DIY your own drawer dividers to fit just right and turn chaos into order. Here are some practical and visually satisfying ways to organize your drawers:

Wide Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Utensils

If you have a wide drawer to store all your kitchen utensils, both big and small, this is a great option that’s also simple to DIY.

Large wood kitchen divider for utensils

Small Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Utensils

For a smaller, more narrow drawer, choose to store either small utensils like forks and knives or large cooking utensils like spatulas and ladles. The best part about DIYing is that you can create the perfect compartments for your items. Never leave behind an awkwardly shaped item again.

Wooden drawer organizer for kitchen large utensils     Small wooden kitchen drawer organizer for forks and knives

Bathroom Drawer Organizer

For organizing your bathroom drawer, create an orientation with multiple small compartments. This is ideal for storing items like cotton balls, hair ties, q-tips, and other small essentials.

Small compartments that make up a wooden drawer organizer for bathroom items

Office Drawer Organizer

In your office drawer, aim for a layout with a large slot for notepads or a notebook, small slots for paper clips, and medium-sized slots for pens and pencils. This arrangement keeps your office supplies neatly organized and easily accessible.

Wooden drawer organizer with office items

Using thoughtful layouts can transform your drawers into well-organized spaces that are both functional and visually appealing. Say goodbye to cluttered drawers and hello to a more organized life!
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